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Sweet Shops in Ludhiana

Ludhiana is a city famous for its sweets and sweet shops. The people of Ludhiana love their desserts while the street vendors and Halwais of the city are only too eager to please. As a result, the overall standard of sweets in terms of taste and quality is very high here and if you ever happen to visit, you must try some of the local offerings.

Ludhiana is one of the few places in India where western deserts and confection have been unable to surpass the consumption of traditional mithai. On dinner tables and street corners everywhere in the city, you will see traditional sweets of different shapes and colors. Most festivals and special occasions here are marked with the exchanging and sampling of mithai as a sign of divinity and auspiciousness.

Types of Sweets to try in Ludhiana

There are so many different kinds of Indian sweets and savories available in the market that everyone will find something they like. Whether you like fruity tastes or nutty texture or exotic flavors, the sweet shop has what you need. Lets take a look at some of the most famous and iconic sweets that are popular in Ludhiana:

 Jalebees: The Jalebee is one of the simplest and most basic of Indian sweets. It is made with an all-purpose batter that is fried in concentric spirals and then soaked in sugar syrup.

Gulab Jamun: The Gulab Jamun is one of the most popular Indian sweets and consists of a dough ball marinated in sugar syrup. At the center of the dumpling, there is a rose petal but in Ludhiana, the Gulab Jamun is given a different twist with the size increasing and a host of crunchy goodies added to the center.

Rasmalai: A soft and milky dessert served cold, the Rasmalai is amongst the heaviest and creamiest of Indian desserts. Its chief ingredient is milk and milk solids along with saffron and cardamom.

Channa Barfi: Rich in protein and nutrition, this Punjabi version of the Barfi is sweet and crunchy with a rich taste that lingers on. As the name implies, it is made of ground chickpeas prepared in ghee and decorated with silver wreath.

Panjiri: Made with different types of nuts and seeds, Panjiri is also known as a health food and is often given to nursing mothers and athletes. The traditional way of making it involves a specific combination of dry-fruits and spices but nowadays, there are many different variations.

Kaju Katli: A rich and aromatic diamond shaped sweet, the Kaju Katli is traditionally made out of cashew nuts and sweetened to taste. The resulting texture is velvety yet firm, giving it a unique taste that mingles well with other flavors.

Gajrela: This is a nutritious and sweet carrot pudding usually enjoyed in the winter. It can be served as a soft slush or made into hardened cubes and other shapes for easy eating.

Khara Prasad: If you are travelling in Punjab, you will surely end up trying Khara Prasad. Often served at Gurudwaras and special functions, Khara Prasad is a kind of Halwa that has spiritual and cultural significance.

Shakkarpara: Something like a sweet biscuit made with ghee and sugar, Shakkarpara is a popular teatime snack. They are relatively easy to make and store, making it a staple in the region.

Where to try

One of the most popular and best-reviewed restaurants in Ludhiana is Golden Hut. This is a tried-and-tested favorite of Punjab where the food is always delightful and the environment welcoming. Golden Hut has many branches in Punjab and Haryana but the outlet in Ludhiana is special because it has a dedicated Sweet Shop attached to it that specializes in traditional Indian desserts.

The dedicated sweet shop of Golden Hut offers all kinds of mithai popular in Ludhiana along with some new innovations. They prepare all their products in-house using the best and freshest ingredients while their dining area is very clean and hygienic. This allows guests to fully enjoy the different types of sweets available here without worrying too much.

With its new venture, Golden Hut brings the same good taste and professional approach to sweet-making that it has brought to traditional Indian cuisine. Clients get the same level of hospitality and friendly service that they get at their many restaurants and the overall experience of trying mithais or buying something to take away is very pleasant and smooth.

If you are looking to buy in bulk and take sweets home with you or to distribute, you will find that the prices offered by the Golden Hut Sweet Shop are quite competitive and the packaging is very attractive. Upon request, the shop will custom design, pack and deliver gift boxes according to your needs. So the next time you visit Ludhiana, don’t forget to make your trip extra sweet.

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