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Golden Hut Kurukshetra

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Golden Hut Kurukshetra

Discover the ultimate dining experience in Punjab with our popular chain of state-of-the art restaurants offering a full menu of delicious multi cuisine delicacies,luxurious settings, lavish buffet spreads, and the warm and welcoming tradition of hospitality that is the trademark of Punjab.

With locations in Ludhiana, Kurukshetra, Sonipat, Derabassi and Patiala, Golden Hut has long been the gold standard of traditional north Indian food and the benchmark for global cuisine in Punjab. Our emphasis on fresh ingredients, advanced culinary techniques and wholesome family-friendly environment has endeared us to our customers and made us one of the best-rated and most critically acclaimed chains in the nation.


Rooms in Kurukshetra

Stay in our luxurious rooms in Kurukshetra and experience the best of Punjabi Hospitality at Golden Hut, Kurukshetra. With a great location, in-room dining, modern amenities and many special features, a stay at this amazing property is a convenient and rewarding travel experience. For a comfortable stay and amazing food, contact us today.
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Restaurant in Kurukshetra

Our restaurant in Kurukshetra is the oldest and most popular in our chain. This is the original Golden Hut that inspired the great taste and loyal following that we have today. With trademark Punjabi flavors and a carefully curated menu, it is always a pleasure to dine in its luxurious setting and wholesome family-friendly environment. Suitable for dining out or for a special occasion or celebration, everyone agrees that this is the place to be in Kurukshetra.
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Party Hall in Kurukshetra

Host all your functions at Golden Hut for a memorable and enjoyable time! Your guests will thank you for the fun and enjoyable experience and will relish the delicious food, luxurious settings, warm service and our expert party planning team. Whether it’s a business meeting, personal celebration, birthday party, family function or wedding ceremony, our Party Hall in Kurukshetra is the best option for an amazing feast.