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Karva Chauth Special – Dining Restaurants Near Me

If your partner has been fasting the whole day for you on Karva Chauth, there is no way that you can expect them to make dinner at home. Therefore, Karva Chauth dinner should always be outside at a nice place and should consist of a traditional meal. Luckily, may restaurants offer Karva Chauth special dinners that are a convenient and traditional way to celebrate the occasion and impress your partner.

karwa chauth in ludhiana

If you don’t have time for a pooja or elaborate ceremonies, the least you can do is to break the Karva Chauth fast together with your loved one at a decent place with a festive environment. This small gesture will go a long way in expressing your love and commitment to your partner and will ensure a safe and blissful year ahead.

How to celebrate Karva Chauth this year

Since Karva Chauth is a very popular festival in India, especially in the north and west, most restaurants and hotels will organize special events and offer special deals and discounts for couples. All you have to do is choose a good restaurant with a good deal and then enjoy the evening. After a day of fasting, a great meal with your loved one will seem like heaven.

Typical restaurant deals include a buffet dinner for 2 along with a DJ and party place where couples can dance the night away. Many restaurants also offer booths where women can get professional Mehndi applied by an expert artist and also buy various important items used on this occasion like decorated ceremonial sieves, dupattas, sindoor, karvas and pooja items.

Karva Chauth Special Dinner at Restaurants

Although Karva Chauth is a festival that celebrates couples their love for each other, it is also a communal festival where women congregate in groups and make preparations with the help of each other. In olden times the festival was marked by group storytelling amongst women and also sanctified the sisterhood amongst women and their unity in praying for the wellbeing of the menfolk of the community.

Earlier, the men would go off to battle in the day, leaving the women to are for each other until they returned at night. The viewing of the moon celebrated the moment that the women would spot their husband or significant other returning from battle and feel relieved that they are safe. Only upon viewing their partner would the woman break her fast.

In modern times, Karva Chauth is a hip affair with fun activities, modern twists and lighthearted entertainment. Going to a nice restaurant that offers an all-inclusive Karva Chauth package is a great way to get the best of both worlds. Couples can spend time with each other over a lavish romantic dinner but can also engage in community activities that amplify the occasion.

At most great venues, the party continues late into the night with both women and men dressed up to the nines. Since it is a traditional festival, there are no restrictions and limitations for most people and the atmosphere is truly electric. Regardless of whether you are a young coupe or a seasoned pair, this is one festival that is best celebrated in a big group of like minded people from your community.

Where to Celebrate

One great restaurant that is renowned for its food and for its Punjabi roots is the Golden Hut. This restaurant has five branches in Ludhiana, Derabassi, Sonipat, Patiala and Kurukshetra and is one of the best places to celebrate this holiday in traditional style. This year, the Golden Hut restaurant is offering a great deal that includes a DJ, lavish buffet, mocktails, live screens, professional photography and more for just Rs. 1399 per couple and Rs. 399 per child.

The Golden Hut restaurants have become the gold standard for traditional north Indian cuisine in Punjab and Haryana and also offer toothsome multi-cuisine dishes with a desi twist. Besides great food, they are also known for their warm hospitality, quick service and characteristic dhabas, restaurants, bars and bakeries. At many locations, they also offer comfortable rooms for overnight guests.

Karva Chauth Special Dinner at Restaurants in Ludhiana

Over the years, Golden Hut has earned the trust and admiration of the people. It is simply beloved by industry experts, locals residents and farmers alike, making the restaurants local cultural hubs where people congregate during important festivals and events. The founder of the group, Mr. Ram Singh Rana is also well respected as a pillar of the community and is an ardent activist for farmer’s rights.

Regardless of your demographic, this Karva Chauth you should check out the festivities planned by Golden Hut in your city. It may end up being a fun and entertaining night that also paves the way for relationship bliss and a great bonding experience for both you and your partner. Happy Karva Chauth in advance!

Venue Date: November 1, 2023.

Timing: 7 PM onwards

Location: Near me Sonipat | Kurukshetra | Ludhiana | Derabassi | Patiala

Contact Us At: +919876511993+919297910000+919297620000+919524162000

Tariff: Couples – INR 1,399 & Child – INR 399 

Buffet: Upwards of INR 349/-.

Facilities:  DJ with Anchor, Festiva Decor, Mouth Watering Buffet and Live screening.









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